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I know how hard it can be to have an effective financial path,


but it doesn't have to be.

If you're tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, walking in circles and never making any real progress then I can help. 

I am a family budget expert and I want to help you through the maze of your financial journey.  

If you're ready for a different type of guidance with honest advice, then there is a good possibility that I'm a good fit.  Below is an outline of my ideal person to work with.  See if it's you.

  • Ready to take the next steps to financial freedom
  • Consider yourself open to learning new budgeting techniques
  • Realize there must be a better way to live
  • Wanting to provide for your children and prepare for your future

I want to get to know you - all of you.  I want to understand what you're passionate about, what empowers you, and drives you to a better financial situation.  My process is different and consists of:

  • Discovery Packet: you'll receive an information packet to complete, which will help me understand you before we schedule a conversation.
  • Initial Consultation: we'll schedule time to have a conversation over the phone or Skype.  
  • Goal Stage: you and I will prioritize your goals and determine what's most important to you.
  • Creating a Road Map: after getting to know you and your goals, I will put together a plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Annual Review:  once a year, we will get together over e-mail to discuss your progress, changes to your goals and evaluate your Road Map.

This one-on-one process starts at $300

Not ready to get started yet?  That's okay!  You can still ask any question regarding family budgeting, getting out of debt and planning for the future.  I do my best to respond to all e-mails.  While I can't guarantee to help everyone, I try to hard to at least get you an answer before making a big financial commitment.  If you're wanting to get a handle on your budget yourself, check out my budget spreadsheet to get you started.