Sinking Funds Spreadsheet

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Sinking Funds Spreadsheet


Long gone are the days of tracking your sinking funds by hand, just to have transfer them to a new sheet each month!

With the Sinking Funds Spreadsheet you’ll be able to keep track of your out-of-the-ordinary expenses are one spreadsheet, month-after-month. 

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The simplicity and color coding of this spreadsheet make it a dream to work with.

If you’ve put off creating your sinking funds because you just didn’t know where to start - then this is for you (or if you love the idea of being organized with your finances, too!).  The Sinking Funds Spreadsheet is here to help you hit your monthly savings goal, keep track of what money is earmarked for what, and know exactly how much you should be setting aside each month to reach your goals.

Categories listed to get you started with your Sinking Funds Spreadsheet:

  • Property Taxes
  • Life Insurance Premiums
  • Car Title/Renewal          
  • Car Maintenance
  • Home Owner’s Insurance        
  • Home Repair
  • Emergency Fund             
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pet Care
  • Christmas Gifts          
  • Birthday Gifts                
  • Vacation
  • Children’s Activities          
  • Membership Renewals

Not an Excel expert? No worries! This spreadsheet comes with a quick start PDF guide and a video tutorial with step-by-step instruction on how to setup and use the spreadsheet to fit you best.  Now you’ll know how to enter data like a champ and read the spreadsheet to understand just how you’re doing.

Your purchase of the Sinking Funds Spreadsheet includes:

  • Excel Spreadsheet download with annual sinking funds tracker
  • List of starter categories
  • Room to add specific categories as needed
  • Monthly tracker of any additions or subtractions to your sinking funds
  • Automatic account total  to verify with your savings account
  • Monthly break down of how much you need to be putting into your sinking funds
  • PDF download of a quick start guide on how to use the Sinking Funds Spreadsheet
  • Video instructions walking you through getting your Sinking Funds Spreadsheet setup to fit your needs.

It's time to get your finances in order.  Having a sinking fund can help you manage those larger annual expenses just a little bit easier.  No more having to stress each December on where you're going to come up with the funds for your property taxes.  Now you can have an actionable plan with the right steps necessary to stop those financial stressors.