Does your family have a budget that actually works?

I’m talking about a budget that reduces your anxiety towards money. A budget that helps you see the progress you’re making towards your goals. A budget that gives you peace?

If your current budget makes you feel overwhelmed, nervous and just exhausted at the thought of looking at then…


Years ago, my husband and I buckled down and created a budget that worked for us. It allowed us to pay off over $40,000 worth of debt in UNDER three years. This budget gave us the chance to travel, make memories and have fun. Years later this same budget is giving us the opportunity to provide a better life for our son.

A flexible budget can do the same for your family. That’s why I created the Budget Success Checklist. This plan will walk you through, step-by-step so that you can create a workable, flexible budget that fits your family.

If you're ready for more help, check out the shop. We have budgeting templates, money trackers, and so much more to help you organize your finances.