Meredith Rines, MBA, CFP®
Budget and Financial Strategist


Hi!  I'm Meredith, a budget and financial strategist.  I help families break the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality, start paying down their debt and living a life they've always dreamed of living.  I am the founder of and, a go-to resource for Moms and families looking to learn how to budget their money more effectively without going crazy.  

I am a family budget expert.  

When my husband, Justin and I decided to spend forever together, we started looking towards the future.  But with credit card debt, car payments, and student loans it wasn't very bright.  We felt the weight of the world on our shoulders.  We knew we wanted a different life for ourselves.  So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  We learned how to budget our money, how to save for emergencies, and how to plan for the future.  Since then we have paid over $38,000 of debt in three years. 

We did it the hard way, though.  We learned - with trial and error.  But with time, mistakes and patience we figured it out.  We discovered a budget system that has helped us track our spending, pay down our debt, and build a savings cushion.  

Now here we are - almost 100% debt free with a beautiful son.  Our goals are to live without debt, save for our retirement and create a fund to help our son graduate from college without any student loans.

I want to help you learn how to budget your money so you not only can pay down debt, but have fun in the process.  

Frugal is about prioritizing your spending and choosing what's most important to you.

I show you tips for real life budgeting - the meal planning, the grocery shopping, how to save money at home and while you travel.  

My passion is to help families, like yours get out of the debt cycle and learn there is a better way to live.  

You can download my FREE Money Foundation Toolkit to get started learning how your money should flow.